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Home is where the Art is – REVIEW

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

I was delighted to find this new art program ‘Home is where the Art is’ on the BBC which started in April 2019 and is now available on iplayer.


Nick Knowles is the presenter and the idea is for three artists to find clues to the personality and art choices of the client just from a brief and look around their house. From this the artists are to work on a presentation to pitch their ideas to the client when they meet.

On the day of the presentation the artists display examples of their work and pitch an idea to the potential client. They also say how much it will cost for the final piece. This is the bit that makes me very happy. I’ll explain later.

Only two of the three artists move on to the next level which is to make the item of art. It could be anything from a painting to a sculpture and many variations in-between dependent on the artists specialty. They then return and present their work. The winner gets paid the quoted amount and the loser will get paid for materials used. Many times, the client loves both works so much they will buy both pieces. It can be an emotional ride which is of course Nick Knowles is good at.

Its just another competition you say. Well yes, it is, and it’s not entirely based on a standard way of getting work for an artist but…

They give a realistic price for their artwork!

Some are a little under and some a little over, but I would say that all the artists who are professionals have a professional price tag.

Why is this important?

Well back in the day when I was a garden designer, I had to battle with clients who could not believe that £XXX would not get them a fancy shiny garden. This was because the t.v. programs at the time (if they gave a price) would only ever say how much a garden cost for the materials not the labour.

So, I’m delighted that there is a populist style program that shows the artists at work, their true worth and how much extra value someone gets for commissioning a piece of work that is made just for them.

Well done BBC you get a thumbs up from me.


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