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Hi, I'm Nicola

My art is one big adventure into the world of colour, texture and shapes.  I have a love of nature in all her glory and express these in my paintings, whether it is landscapes, wildlife or mother nature.

I have had an interesting journey to this part of my art career.  Like all artists, I have always dabbled in art from childhood but that's not the interesting part.

I trained as a garden designer.  Why I did that is still a mystery to me but I know that I wanted some form of creativity in my life.  It was rather too late when I discovered that plants and soil was not the colour palette and substrate I wanted to play with.

The joy of taking wet paint and smoothing it across a canvas is a pleasure that brings me to a peaceful place.  So, after several years of learning, working and teaching garden design.  I finally and wonderfully down tooled and picked up the paint brush for my forever career.

Its not easy finding your way through the art world to your place within it.  I'm not the only one who wants and becomes an artist.  Stubbornness is part of the process of making it work as well as extraordinary human beings who support me every step of the way.

But it is also the ability to play, learn from experimentation and from others.  The willingness to make mistakes, pick yourself up off the floor of self pity and rise again to try again. I will get this right, attitude that is proving to be my chainmail armour.

My art is developing and growing as I explore my ideas and I know there is more to do and try.

And for those wonderful people who buy my art whether it is originals, prints or cards, leave me wonderful comments and give me encouragement, I want to say a huge thank you.  You make it all worth while x

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