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Apparently I don't look like an Artist!

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Hi, welcome back to my blog.

The title of my blog today comes from a recent chat I had with a friend of mine. As you all know, I'm fairly new to this particular business and I'm trying to find my feet. So, the conversation went down the lines of how I could get more people to know who I am and what I do. The answer my friend gave me was the following:

'The trouble is, you don't look like an artist.'

After I stopped laughing, I found myself confused, what on earth does an artist look like and why would it make a difference anyway!

So, a debate ensued. They argued that all the famous artists looked like artists. They looked weird, flamboyant, strange and a little 'out there'. I did point out that most artists don't look weird or flamboyant, they generally didn't fit into this kind of 'look', they just did good artwork.

However, it did make me think. How would you know that I am an artist (apart from all the art I produce, of course)? Well, when I'm at home I have paint covered on my apron, hands, arms, feet, face and hair. I usually have at least one splodge of paint on a part of my body, whenever I paint. Yes, I know it is supposed to go on the canvas and palette but hey, I'm enjoying myself :). I would like to point out that I do wash and when I'm in public I am clean, although I must admit I do miss a splodge or two when I'm in a rush!

Taking a break :) - I'm actually quite clean in this picture!

However, I am an ordinary middle-aged mum who wears average clothes and would not stand out in a crowd. So, in that context, no I don't look like an artist. At least not in the movie making perception of an artist. Of course there are the weird and wonderful amongst the famous artists, who have big personalities and flamboyant looks but does this alone make them better than others who aren't in that category.

Would, a flouncy long frock, long flowing hair and garish eyeshadow make me a better artist? NO!

Would a flamboyant, over the top personality make me better known? POSSIBLY but I couldn't keep it up

Would I be hiding behind a persona that doesn't suit me? YES!!

Do I want to be anything but me? NO!!!!!

Am I happy being me? YES

Would I like to sell more paintings? OF COURSE

Will I sell more paintings? YES and I will do this in my own way, in my own style, through hard work, perseverance and ongoing education.

I think its dangerous to think that there is somehow some magic answer to the question 'how can I sell my paintings?' It is better to teach yourself to be a good business person along with continuing to produce the best art possible, than put on a false persona in the hope you'll be spotted by some magic fairy godmother who will grant you all your wishes.

What do you think? Have you ever been given advice about your art career that just doesn't make sense?

If so, let me know about it below.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Love Nic...


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