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What is an Art Trail?

An Art Trail is an event held in areas of cities, town centres and villages promoting the amazing array of artists in their local area. Artists of paintings, ceramics, printing, textile, jewellery, sculptures and many more art mediums are hosted by the local businesses and community groups. Shops, school halls, churches and domestic homes are hosts for the artists who stay usually over a two-day period and around bank holidays or wider Art festivals. And the beauty of the trails is that there is something going on most of the year in various locations, usually, May to October.

The artists will be there with their creations, and you will be able to talk to them about their art. You may be lucky to come across an artist who is doing a demonstration which is fascinating. Some venues will also put on learning opportunities for those who want to try art out for themselves. However, if there is no opportunity on the day there is always at least one artist who is advertising art classes. So, come along and have fun.

Most Trails are advertised through the local media, radio, magazines and papers as well as flyers, posters etc. You can also do a google search for art trails in your area and find the information on their websites.

On the day itself most organisers provide a booklet, map and information on the artists attending. They may even have the information on their website to print off. Please note that there is usually a small fee for the booklet to cover the cost.

To add to visibility the venues hosting the artists will have flags, balloons and posters helping guide people along the way as well as friendly volunteer guides. A festival atmosphere is enhanced by music, entertainment, and refreshments as well as the coffee shops, pubs and restaurants making the most of the extra people visiting.

Parking is often arranged or highlighted by the organisers of the event on their websites but if you need clarification, you can always email them.


Parking was going to be a problem for the village of Bonsall, Derbyshire (bi-annual event). So, they organized a park and ride. The friendly bus drivers made the whole experience fun and enjoyable. Anyone with mobility problems was allowed to drive and park in designated areas. Everyone was thought about.

It’s a wonderful day out. Even if you don’t buy more than a greeting card from your favourite artist, you are at the very least supporting these wonderful creative people. And the more you visit the more you will get to know the vast variety of talent there is in your local area.


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