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The beginning of a new series

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

You may have noticed that I have been a bit quiet on social media recently.

I haven't gone anywhere or given up. I have been working hard on finding my very own artist voice.

A way for me to create paintings that I both love to do and love to view. It is not enough for me to create a good painting if I hate the process of creating it and it is not good enough to love the process but dislike the result. Marrying both the process and outcome in equal measure is what I am seeking.

As a trained designer it was always easy to know what to do. I was given a project, I designed it and then I moved onto the next one. Each design was different, dependent on the clients needs. I enjoyed it but it was also restrictive.

Now I'm an artist I have found that too much freedom and choice of things to do, is somewhat exhausting.

So to start with I have needed to narrow my subject matter down, which will help me stay focused.

I had to become my own client and create a series of work that I can get my teeth into.

After careful thought, this is what my series of paintings will be.

'Into the woods'

These paintings are based on my experience of walking the woods and forests of Nottinghamshire.

Why the Woods and Forests?

They are my cathedrals, my spiritual space. I am surrounded by life amongst the trees. They are where me and my family go for walks, rest and play. It is the place that I am at peace with myself.

What next?

I'm ready to go back to social media and show you what I have been doing. You will find me on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and my website. Hope to see you there too.


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Thank you for all of your support and encouragement.


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