Finding my inner child!

Updated: May 16

During this pandemic I have wondered if it was worth my time to paint. Who would be looking at art, let alone buy?

So, when I got a message asking me about the landscape painting called ‘Golden Vale’ I was delighted. It had been an absolute joy to make. It was one of those paintings that just happened. Of course, I planned the main concept, the colour scheme etc. but I didn’t plan the mark making. That came through the sheer joy of play.

Part of me feels a little guilty that I enjoyed the process so much. After all I am supposed to be a serious working artist! Aren’t I? The truth is my art is only ever

good when I am able to call upon my inner child. Even when I am working on commission pieces, I allow time to play. As soon as I forget and become all serious, I lose the painting, it becomes tight and soulless. I also find that the playful painting is good for me, especially during these challenging times. It keeps the deep shadows away.

I was sorry to see the painting go, I loved it so much I had contemplated on keeping it, but I know it’s in good hands.

Are you an artist who likes to play? Have you ever painted or created something you wished you could have kept? Would you like to keep in touch, if so, click here?