My Art

Everything I create is inspired by nature.  From landscapes to animals, I find ways to express my love for all that I see.

Landscapes come into two categories.

Landscape Memory Paintings are based on a visual and emotional memory of a place I have visited, either from my childhood or in recent years.

This is a very enjoyable process and can be an excellent way of spending a couple of days in the Art Studio.

Plein Air Paintings are a very new element of my art practice.  This has come from the recent COVID restrictions and the need to get out of the house and breath in the fresh air.  I look forward to my Plein Air Painting Adventure.  You can follow me on Instagram @nicolacrookart

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Animal Life Paintings are split into three subjects. 

Endangered Species paintings are thought provoking and beautiful.

British Wildlife is on my doorstep.  I am blessed with access to fields, forests and lakes.  That is where I get the best views of the vast array of wildlife we have here  

Pet Portraits are a joy to do.  I have met very lovely people along the way.  

You can follow my Animal Life Paintings on Instagram @animallifebynic


I do several commissions in the year, ranging from landscapes to pet portraits.  I am more than happy to chat with you about any paintings you may have in mind.  

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